Who we are?

It is always said that there is an artist in each one of us, but as we get along in life, many of us let dust settle on our aptitudes, faculties and creative talents. Therefore, the idea behind the creation of Knack Snack is to help you get rid of the dust settled around you and re-discover the giftedness, the imagination and the creative excellence in you.

Art and Crafting don’t need to remain just a hobby or time pass, it can be a lot more, for it can even drive you to set up your own start-ups later in life. Come and test out our courses, proposals and suggestions to make sure you find something you like.

Whether it’s a hobby course or a foundation course, whether it’s a beginner’s course or an advanced course, all of Knack Snack’s classes have been designed to stimulate your creative spirit and to help you liberate your bottled up resourcefulness.